As The Transformative Twenties begins, we look at the key trends that will affect the next 10 years of consumer behaviour and experiences, as well as the mindset shifts that brands need to embrace both internally and externally.
It’s a Lab tradition that we look back to look forward, especially as we leave one decade and enter another. As such, we will mark 2020’s arrival with a clear assessment of what has gone before (hindsight), where this places us now (insight), and the line of travel we will take tomorrow (foresight).

As this is a decade forecast, as opposed to one of our seasonal briefings, we will be identifying the definitive big issues and carrier wave trends within four overall category areas – society, consumer, experience, and brand.

Come with us as we travel along these ‘superhighways’ for our 2030 long range forecast.

Why Attend?
‘Ten years ago, we predicted the Turbulent Teens – a decade of dissent, populism, disruption, climate denial and the rise of the new right. And how accurate and prescient we were! For the year ahead, we’re focusing on the Transformative 20s – the decade of the proactive, positive-impact, progressive (at last) and purposeful consumer. Well, almost. As our Trend Briefing 2020 will show, our politics, culture, technologies, societal and trading landscapes are about to split and reform under this sea-change surge of proactivity.’
Martin Raymond, The Future Laboratory co-founder

At our Trend Briefing 2020 event will also showcase a Trend Tracker, which assesses the evolution and impact of the key macrotrends we have identified over the past 20 years and offers strategic guidance on how to harness and use them over the coming decade. Against this backdrop, we will introduce you to three new macrotrends:

: Consumer 2030: Pleasure Revolution
As the new decade kicks in, we look at the bigger, deeper shifts in terms of how consumers are changing. People around the world will increasingly shy away from a life of relentless optimisation and productivity to prioritise primal enjoyment. Slacker culture will be celebrated and our collective guilt about solitude and leisure time will be alleviated.

: Experience 2030: Enlightened States
As these consumers metamorphose, their thirst for new experiences will become more existential, with explorations of self and identity taking priority over the shallow social media spectacles of the Turbulent Teens.

: Brand 2030: Post-purpose Brands
We look at how brands are changing for the 2020s. Pushing back against purpose-washing and bandwagon behaviour, brands will embrace imperfection and focus on betterment. Drawing on intuitive technologies, new products and services will constantly evolve to meet our needs.

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