Henry Cavill - British GQ

Being Superman isn’t an easy job at the best of times, so as you can imagine, with the fractured world we live in right now, Henry Cavill is under a lot of pressure.

Nonetheless, he handles the entire situation, along with his new status as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand leading men, with understated, softly-spoken aplomb. As such, we couldn’t wait to get Cavill, who’s next big role is to take on Ethan Hunt in the latest Mission: Impossible film, on our cover.

It wasn’t easy, but after thousands of kilometres travelled (and multiple very sweaty, hilly kilometres run), we finally managed to pin him down, and learned a ton of life lessons along the way. Check out the behind the scenes video around our August cover story below.

Talent: Henry Cavill
Videography: James Maiki
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