Flemming Hansen - Low-impact Eaters

Film by Tue Blichfeldt, Produced & edited by James Maiki.
In light of a growing collective consciousness about the detrimental effect of certain food choices on the environment, We are highlighting the consumers that are choosing to eat in a way that they know limits their impact.

For this group of Low-impact Eaters, their interest in ethical eating is intertwined with a love of new and exciting flavours, and they are looking for products that can cater equally for both of these needs.

This food tribe of Low-impact Eaters is looking for a transparent approach to food labelling to avoid the confusion that often permeates the conscious food market, as people struggle to ascertain whether terms such as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are indeed synonymous with sustainable.


Kindred Diners are our latest Food & Drink Tribe, whose behaviours and preferences will inspire brands – as well as new generations – to reconnect with the pleasure and acquaintances that can be made through food and drink.

Pandora Symes - The Upstreamist

Dr Rupy Aujla, discussed the growing interest in using food as medicine and how consumers are increasingly adopting a more holistic approach to wellbeing. Rejecting fad diets and quick-fix solutions, this group of hyper-educated consumers view healthy eating as an essential element in ensuring overall health.

As part of LS:N Global’s exploration of different consumer mindsets, we identified The Upstreamists, a tribe of consumers who believe that every food choice they make has a direct impact on their body.

Sam King - Periscope

For singer/songwriter Sam King, Periscope is a professional tool. ‘It gives me instant gratification and feedback from potential fans,’ he says. Sam has a very focused approach to social media, using it as a platform to push himself and his music. To him, Periscope is a more satisfying way to use social media, especially because of its live aspect. ‘I’ve always felt more comfortable in front of an audience, so what is cool about Periscope, as opposed to other social media platforms, is that instead of recording a video, posting it and seeing if people respond to it later, I can interact with an audience at the same time and it goes away after 24 hours.’

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