About James Maiki

James Maiki is a London based director, editor and cinematographer whose imaginative and futuristic style is reflected in the documentation of exceptional events, products and people within his work. Spending over a year working internationally with Monocle magazine, Maiki is known for his discerning video journalistic sensibility as well as the high speed with which he delivers projects.

Born in Venezuela the third of four sons to Lebanese parents Maiki grew up within a highly creative household alongside a musician sibling and parents in the fashion and textile industries. At age 13 he and his family migrated back to Beirut.

With fluency in three languages James went on to study in both Beirut and London holding a BA in Media Production. He was inspired to pursue storytelling through film during extra curricular drama classes attended while at the American University of Beirut. This led to his relocation to London to expand his artistic horizons.

James has worked individually and as part of teams across world cities including Milan, Marseille, Geneva, Munich, Barcelona, Beirut, Paris, Marrakech and Istanbul. He has also worked with several industry leaders. Maiki’s work includes creative documentary, fashion films and music videos.

A future thinker, Maiki is inspired by the exceptional and endeavours to tell the stories of those who are both masters and leaders of their art, craft or profession within his own distinct and aesthetically rich visual style.

© James Maiki